About R-Pol - manufacturer of orthodontic appliances


R-Pol Orthodontaic Laboratory is dedicated to build and maintain the reputation of producing appliances, that are the highest quality, most recent in designs and materials, and delivered always on time with a smile.

We have a privilege of working with many Orthodontist and General Dentist across USA and Canada offering our expertise, knowledgeable advice, and friendly approach. Our relationship with each customer is viewed as a valued partnership.

With the support of our skilled technicians, education, and 20 years of international experience, we can fabricate the best possible and most current orthodontic appliance to suit your personal needs and make you satisfied.

Contact us to try our reliable services, discuss a particular case, or with any other question:

R-Pol Orthodontaic Laboratory - CDT LogoR-Pol Orthodontic Laboratory
530 Hayward St, Ogdensburg NY,

Toll-Free: 1.888.250.7765

Email: info@r-polortholab.com
R-Pol Orthdontic Laboratory
Toll-Free: 1.888.250.7765
Updated: 13.03.2018