Orthodontic Appliances - Fixed

PendexThis appliance is used to expand the palate as well as distalize and/or rotating molars.
  1. 03.01 anti-snoring
  2. 03.02 sportguards
  3. 03.03 Splint
  4. 03.04 AMD
  5. 03.05 removables
  6. 03.06 fixed
Hyrax Rpe
R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedRapid palatal expander. Provides expansion of the palate in a very short period of time. R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedHaas appliance provides expansion by putting force on teeth and palatal mucosa.
Lingual Arch
Habit Breaker (Tongue thrusting)
R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedLingual Arch is used to maintain arch width and length. With additional springs it can be used for arch adjustment. R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedVertical crib of this appliance does not allow the tongue to push against the anterior teeth and tissue.
TPA (Transpalatal Arch)
Nance Button
R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedTPA is used to maintain the desired width of molars. It can also be used for adjustment of molar expansion and rotation. R-Pol Orthodontic Appliances - FixedNance appliance is preventing mesial drift of molars. It can be used for expansion and/or rotation of molars.
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